Indonesian Scientific Society for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISSPP) is a society of academic and industrial scientists involved in research on fundamental and applied aspects of probiotics and prebiotics with a common interest in generating high quality scientific information for the probiotic and prebiotic fields and providing guidance for high quality multidisciplinary research, and providing an objective, science-based voice , support the government in developing regulation on probiotic and prebiotic foods, and help the end users of these products by protecting the consumer from misleading information about health benefit of probiotic and prebiotic.

ISSPP brings together scientists from all pertinent disciplines, including food science, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, nutrition and medicine. As a scientific society, ISSPP strives to have all activities focused on science, not any promotion of commercial products. Industry involvement is considered important to this organization, but no industry group or commercial entity dictates the activities or opinions of ISSPP.

ISSPP began in 2008 with the assembly of some professionals at the International Symposium on Probiotic from Asian Traditional Fermented Foods for Healthy GUT Function. Considering the situation in Indonesia with industry launching many new probiotic and prebiotic-based functional foods, dietary supplements and clinical therapeutics with no clear probiotic strain and level of viability, it was thought especially valuable to fill this void. ISSPP was formally established in May 26, 2009 as a non-profit organization.
Our vision is to provide a collaborative networking environment for developing science-based understanding of probiotics and prebiotics among scientists, industry representatives, government and consumers supporting the definition and guidelines provided by the WHO/FAO and National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NADFC)
Our mission is to disseminate information on high quality, multidisciplinary, scientific investigation in the fields of probiotics and prebiotics; to actively encourage good research practices on the safety, ethics (academic and medic), function and health-promotion of probiotic and prebiotic products in Indonesia